Who we are // We are an organic garden with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and a phenomenal new Saturday farmers' market which launched June 16th 2012 in Lagoon City, Ontario. Welcome to our website!

  • The Lagoon City Organic Garden is located next to the Lagoon City Marina, on the waterfront in Lagoon City.

    Come out and visit us in the garden, Monday to Friday, all summer long. We are committed to organic methods and a conscious approach to land stewardship. In our garden uses only organic fertilizers and soil amendments, including manure, compost and green manures. We prevent and deter garden pests using crop rotation, companion planting, physical barriers and sparing use of organically derived, non-toxic sprays. We purchase organic, open-pollinated and heritage seeds whenever possible, with an emphasis on local seed companies.

    We love to talk about our farming philosophy, and invite any questions or suggestions you may have.

  • CSA stands for Community Support Agriculture/Community Shared Agriculture. A CSA is a way to share local food through a membership of individuals who pledge support to a farm or garden for a season. For the time committed to, the member receives a weekly share of what has been produced from the garden and from other local vendors, prepared for weekly pick-up.

    We are currently accepting members for the 2013 season. A full share is $300, half share will be $150. For that, members will receive a basket every week from late June to late September containing vegetables from the garden and additional items (fruit, bread, eggs, etc.) from local purveyors. A half share is a produce basket bi-weekly. The offering will change each week as the season progresses and is based on a couple/small family. Pick up will be Saturday between 12:00 and 1:00pm after the Farmer’s Market closes.

  • Our Saturday Farmers’ Market features local vendors and produce from our garden where we practice organic gardening techniques. The market is open every Saturday beginning late June, from 9am to 12pm at the ‘Mews’ – 87 Laguna Parkway, Lagoon City – until Thanksgiving Weekend. Opening date to be announced.

    Our market will showcase organic produce, delicious food and awesome retail items! Check out our Vendors page for our featured vendors!

    If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact us via email.

About this Blog // Welcome to the Simcoe Organics Blog! This is where we share upcoming events, the progress of our growing organic garden, new vendors, healthy recipes and more!


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    Head Lettuce

    Salad greens

    The very first of the Fresh Basil

    Sugar Snap Peas




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    Our CSA member, Erika, made a crustless version of our Garlic Scape Quiche and was obliging enough to send me a lovely photo.




    You rock Erika! It’s wonderful to see beautiful produce turning into delectable dinners. I think my next post will be a kale recipe, so get ready for a high nutrient feast this week!


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     Garlic Scape Pesto


    scape pesto image


    8-10 Garlic Scapes, Roughly Chopped
    3 ½ cups

    ½ cup

    ½ cup

    ½ cup

    Spinach or Kale Leaves, Roughly Chopped

    Parmesan Cheese

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Toasted Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts or Pine Nuts



    In a food processor, chop the nuts until they are in small, uniform pieces. Add the spinach, garlic scapes, half the oil and about ½ tsp salt. Process until smooth. Stir in the cheese, add more salt if needed. Stir in the remaining oil. Add pesto to pasta, pizzas, or use as a sandwich spread. Enjoy!



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    Garlic Scapes


    Head Lettuce

    Baby Salad Greens

    Fresh Mint or Thyme


    Bunched Swiss Chard and Kale


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    Last week I fulfilled a year-long dream…kit out an old splintery table to use for rinsing vegetables! Not a very impressive aspiration you say? Well, I keep my expectations of myself very mediocre, and trust me, I enjoy my life much more than those silly overachievers out there.

    In reality, this has been needed to be done for the last year, as we really had no surface on which to clean and prep the vegetables out at the market garden. This means that last season, we were sort of holding them up in the air and squirting them with the hose. This method resulted in giant mud puddles in the spray area, and not terribly clean vegetables. There had to be a better way! Now there is. Last week the lovely people who find things for me dropped off an old, beaten up table, mostly made of plywood and very weathered – it was beautiful. I then proceeded to alter it to make it suitable for our purpose, as I will illustrate below in a series of photos.


    First, we see the unadulterated table:



    Next, I cut a hole in it using my handy-dandy skill saw:





    I then flipped the table over, and used a staple gun to attach chicken wire to the underside, creating a spray-through area to rinse the veggies. This took a bit of stretching, so Monique helped, but I also made her take the photos so you can’t see her contribution to the effort:






    And here’s me doing my best shmaltzy Price-Is-Right model impression with our brand new, wonderful table!



    After taking the last photo, Monique suggested an extra bit of 2×2 under the screen to prevent it from sagging. This was a brilliant bit of advice, and further illustration of why it’s important to have a sciencey-smart type person working with you if you are not so mechanically minded yourself.

    So now when you notice our veggies looking particularly bright and shiny this season, you will know how it all happened.

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