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    Last week I fulfilled a year-long dream…kit out an old splintery table to use for rinsing vegetables! Not a very impressive aspiration you say? Well, I keep my expectations of myself very mediocre, and trust me, I enjoy my life much more than those silly overachievers out there.

    In reality, this has been needed to be done for the last year, as we really had no surface on which to clean and prep the vegetables out at the market garden. This means that last season, we were sort of holding them up in the air and squirting them with the hose. This method resulted in giant mud puddles in the spray area, and not terribly clean vegetables. There had to be a better way! Now there is. Last week the lovely people who find things for me dropped off an old, beaten up table, mostly made of plywood and very weathered – it was beautiful. I then proceeded to alter it to make it suitable for our purpose, as I will illustrate below in a series of photos.


    First, we see the unadulterated table:



    Next, I cut a hole in it using my handy-dandy skill saw:





    I then flipped the table over, and used a staple gun to attach chicken wire to the underside, creating a spray-through area to rinse the veggies. This took a bit of stretching, so Monique helped, but I also made her take the photos so you can’t see her contribution to the effort:






    And here’s me doing my best shmaltzy Price-Is-Right model impression with our brand new, wonderful table!



    After taking the last photo, Monique suggested an extra bit of 2×2 under the screen to prevent it from sagging. This was a brilliant bit of advice, and further illustration of why it’s important to have a sciencey-smart type person working with you if you are not so mechanically minded yourself.

    So now when you notice our veggies looking particularly bright and shiny this season, you will know how it all happened.


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