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    Well, it’s time to check on the rest of our vegetables! With our cooler nights, we’ve been feeling like harvest is in full swing. It’s hard to believe summer is almost over.  We’re already planting our first patches of green manure to enrich our soil in the sleepy time of winter. However, that does not mean the garden is empty! No indeed…


    Oh wow. People of Lagoon City, have we got tomatoes. Giant ,golden, yellow tomatoes. Single-sandwich-serving tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes for snacking. Crazy, convoluted, heritage tomatoes. Think eggs benedict with a thick slice of dark burgundy tomato. Think crispy baguette rubbed with garlic and olive oil and topped with diced tomato and basil. Think a marinara sauce that just screams summer freshness. Yummm!

    And we have so many, were practically giving them away! (I know I sound like a used car salesman, but I’m not kidding.) So come out to the market and talk tomatoes with us. I’ll give you the recipes for any of the above, and I’m sure your own imagination will also go wild.


    You know when it’s so hot you can’t do anything but lie on the couch, sticky magazine in one hand, iced tea in the other, with an upright fan blowing full blast two inches from your face? Well faced with the same conditions, most green leafy vegetables won’t do a darn thing either. Not so with one of the sleeper hits of the summer – New Zealand Spinach. It simply thrives in the heat. While not actually related to the traditional spinach we all know and love, it cooks up just the same, in fact it holds its texture a bit better. It’s been very popular this year and we’re very glad we took a chance on this unconventional plant.

    Many people have been asking me about radishes. Yes, radishes are in no way greens, but we put them on salad so they can hang out in this category. And they’re just about ready for fall. Kelly will check for them this week, but if they’re not big enough they will be for sure by next Saturday.

    The green onions, or scallions, as the slightly snooty call them, are continuing along their merry way. They have been a fairly underrated hero this year – there really hasn’t been a bad time for scallions since May. 5 gold stars for you, green onions.

    And of course, the Swiss chard and kale are both still growing strong. I often get asked what to do with these two greens. They can be used anywhere you would use cooked spinach – spanakopita, lasagna, pizza, and many other foods that end with “a”. We should all eat far more of these two! They are both high in fibre, packed with micronutrients that will turn you into a superhero.

    I must now bid you adieu. I’ve been canning tomatoes all  afternoon, now it’s time to batten down the hatches in the garden before another awesome Ontario thunderstorm rolls in. We’ve extended the Saturday markets through to Thanksgiving, so see you there!

    - Emily


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